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Dear Valued Customers,

With the first quarter of 2018 ending on a challenging note, we are to embrace yet another one with even more challenges ahead. However, we, at MLS believe that its not about the ‘here & now’; its about what we have achieved and are going to achieve moving forward.  

We have hit quite important milestones in this 1st quarter for our Marketing campaign & improving our communication channels, including the launch of our corporate website along with the brochure – these are coupled with our presence on LinkedIn which is small at the moment but is bound to increase over the course of time. 

I am also pleased to announce that we completed a formal partnership with a reputable co packer that is now available at our Jeddah facility providing co packing services to our customers. The scope of this service is certainly expandable across the region provided the requirement for it is established. With our current reach & reputation in the market, we are in a position to offer our customers very competitive prices & this is something we are constantly focusing and striving to achieve. Our Finance associates are proactively studying reducing the stock transfer rates, and we should be sharing good news with our customers very soon.

We also have a partner working with us at the Batha boarder, Jeddah port & at the KAEC port as well, which will be helpful for our customers, reducing the inventory turnaround times, which will eventually create savings for our customers and reduce the overall inventory held. We are also looking at our fleet mix as drop size reduces and orders become smaller thus reflecting directly on our operational efficiencies.

Finally, our aim is to take MLS to the next level where all suppliers in the same industry consider us as the ‘point of reference for standards and service.

Colin Durbin